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Comprehensive Toxin Reduction
ACZ nano® effectively eliminates body burden of toxic heavy metals, neurotoxins and free radicals.

ACS 200® achieves 99.9999% (complete) kill against Borrelia burgdorferi, Candida albicans and MRSA as proven via independently derived in vitro, benchmark
kill-time studies

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All Products including ACZ Nano Zeolite & ACS 200 Silver are EXTRA STRENGTH!

Formulas Improved Even Better!
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 "The good news is that the diseases and symptoms stemming from environmental toxins are relatively simple to identify and correct. If the problem is toxicity, then by definition the solution is detoxification." Lyn Hanshew, M.D.

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ACS Nasal Spray Extra Strength  3 bottle system

Breathe in, exhale, smile and repeat. ACS Nasal is the ultimate nasal wash.

blue_checkmarks SINUS RELIEF
blue_checkmarks CONGESTION RELIEF

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The Toxin Removal Powerhouse Combo!NEW! 4oz ACZ Nano Zeolite - 4oz ACS 200 Silver - Absolute Best Total Body Detox Available


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NEW 4oz ACZ Nano Zeolite Spray - Absolute Best Zeolite Available - Cages Toxin & Eliminates!

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4oz ACS 200 Silver Spray - Leading Anti-fungal, Anti-viral and Bactericidal Silver Based Supplement

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2oz ACZ Nano Zeolite Spray - Absolute Best Zeolite Available - Cages Toxin & Eliminates!

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2oz Spray - Leading Anti-fungal, Anti-viral and Bactericidal Silver Based Supplement

2oz Spray - Absolute Best Silver Delivery to Body

Helps your body's safe removal of toxins, pathogens, bad bacterial, infection and more* 
Absolute Finest Total Body Detox Available!
Use ACZ Nano & ACS200 Silver Nano Tech. Sprays.
Now available in 2oz. & 4oz. sizes
*Proof of efficacy is  by numerous clinical studies any claim of curing any illness or disease is NOT represented.

"For each equivalent of stored toxins there is an equal amount of pathogenic microorganisms in the body. Thus, the importance of both treating infection and detoxifying simultaneously as part of a well-planned health optimization strategy cannot be overstated."  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD

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Includes a 4oz Bottle of ACZ Nano Zeolite - 4oz Bottle of ACS 200 Silver - 4oz Bottle of ACG Advanced Cellular Glutathione

ultimate body detox
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Ultimate Body Detox provides unparalleled immune system support, detoxification and rejuvenation with three powerful products.  Recommended by Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD (H), Lyn Hanshew, M.D, and Charles M. Scott, M.D.

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The Toxin Removal Powerhouse Combo!

2 oz. ACZ Nano Zeolite & 2 oz. ACS 200 Silver T.B.D. KIt  #1

Advanced Cellular Zeolite (ACZ) nano Extra Strength

The Leading Evidence-Based Detoxification Supplement is Now More Effective

New Improved Formula
Replacing the original formula, ACZ nano Extra Strength provides the highest concentration of nanomized clinoptilolite zeolite per dose resulting in far greater detoxification and extraordinary results.

Now Removes Fluorine and Chlorine
ACZ nano Extra Strength is the only detoxification product formulated to remove fluorine and chlorine, two of the strongest oxidizing agents known and found in most drinking water. 

Maximum Toxicant Uptake
ACZ nano Extra Strength has been shown to increase urinary output of Mercury up to 103,500% over baseline during only 12 hours of post-provocation urine collection.

Nano Technology
ACZ nano Extra Strength is the only nanomized zeolite formula available with over 90% of total zeolite crystals existing within the nano range as calculated via SEM analysis. Competing liquid and powdered zeolite formulations utilize micronized zeolite, with particles over one thousand times larger than the nanomized zeolite crystals provided in ACZ nano® Extra Strength.

Intra-oral Spray
A superior delivery method ACZ nano® Extra Strength is the only zeolite-based detoxification product provided in a convenient intra-oral spray.

Removes Toxins Without Removing Nutrients
ACZ nano Extra Strength selectively and irreversibly binds and removes toxic heavy metals, chemical toxins, VOC’s, radioactive toxins and free radicals of all types through the urinary tract, without removing vital nutrients. These results have been verified in multiple, independent urine challenge studies.

Highest Absorption
Urinary toxin output is significantly increased because nanomized zeolite particles are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, providing systemic reduction of body burden. Most oral chelating agents such as EDTA and micronized zeolites, exhibit poor absorption and remain in the gut.

Greater Surface Area
ACZ nano Extra Strength provides approximately 1,000 nanomized zeolite particles for every single micronized zeolite particle provided in competing zeolite products. An unparalleled adsorbent, ACZ nano ® Extra Strength provides a one million times increase in the actual surface area per equal amounts of zeolite administered, thus delivering proven and far superior results.

Remarkable Efficacy
Patient response is very positive and readily discernable. Physicians who prescribe ACZ nano Extra Strength do so repeatedly as an effective adjunct to their healing protocols.

Complete pre- and post- urine provocation studies are available here

Important Information About ResultsRNA Advanced Cellular Silver 200 (ACS 200)

New Improved Formula

Replacing the original formula,  ACS 200 Extra Strength has greatly improved killing power without compromising safety.

Results RNA Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200 Extra Strength is Anti-fungal, Anti-viral and Bactericidal

The leading silver-based supplement in multiple independent studies, ACS 200 Extra Strength rapidly kills an enormous array of pathogenic microorganisms; literally oxidizing the cell wall of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as killing naked virus, fungi and all without damaging human tissue. When choosing an immune system support formula, safety and efficacy are the only two factors that truly matter. ACS 200® Extra Strength provides fast and significant relief patients can feel, without harming the gut flora.

Prepare for Success.
Far beyond ‘colloidal silvers’ in performance, ACS 200 Extra Strength provides 200 parts per million of uniquely energized silver molecules, which are suspended in “wetter water”; a proprietary micronutrient transport medium that is 43% lower in surface tension, enabling rapid penetration through all biological systems. No single immune support product will provide a more effective treatment or prophylaxis protocol than ACS 200 Extra Strength, proven to be the most powerful, broad-spectrum antimicrobial available to physicians today.

A Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial
ACS 200 Extra Strength achieves 99.9999% (complete) kill against Borrelia burgdorferi, Candida albicans and MRSA as proven via independently derived in vitro, kill-time studies.

Superior Silver
Powered by the same patented silver technology as STERIPLEX Ultra, now EPA-approved to kill anthrax spores.

Real Results
“I am absolutely thrilled with the results I personally received while using ACS 200 Extra Strength. It relieved my heart valve infection within 2 days when nothing else had.”
~Dr. Loomis 

ACS 200 Extra Strength has been proven extremely safe in independent acute oral toxicity studies. 

Independent Studies
View complete studies here

Practitioner Endorsed
ACS 200 Extra Strength is prescribed by doctors in over 15 countries. 

Offered in 2 oz and 4 oz Intra-oral Sprays